Open Studio Friday 25th 2014

In short:
Instead of tracking for food related hashtag words in tweets I have been using a track list of words like ‘framework, construct, fabricate, architecture, construction, network, etc.  For me, at this moment, the food-related-hashtag-words didn’t have any relationship with the visual part of the installation. The Installation has become more like a tower. I have been researching images and illustrations of the Marconi tower, Google server farms and the tower of Babel. Back home I will work out the construction.


The video is being speed up 5x to show the rise and fall. In the original installation the tower rises much slower.

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Tower Construction

I am researching tower constructions and I am experimenting with building small models of towers. While researching I came across at the Marconi Towers


Marconi founded the London-based Marconi Telegraph Company in 1899. Though his original transmission traveled a mere mile and a half, on December 12, 1901, Marconi sent and received the first wireless message across the Atlantic Ocean, from Cornwall, England, to a military base in Newfoundland. His experiment was significant, as it disproved the dominant belief of the Earth’s curvature affecting transmission.

This is one of the models a made:



Testing setup installation

I changed the setup to do some tests with pulleys (still on a small scale to have easier acces). I am also using a different thread, nylon coated stainless steel wire 0.45 mm, to see if it works. I use testweights so that there is tension on the thread because the thread is springy.

In the video clip below I experiment with the thread and I experiment with lifting paper. It all seems to work just fine, although I am not so sure to use the paper in this way. The lifting and lowering is now done by me (pressing the buttons in max) and is a bit static, repetitve. Controlled by the Max patcher the lifting will be less monotonous. I am still working out what the shape, form and material should be of the physical part of the installation.

Another thing I am also questioning is if there should be a physical-visual representation at all. I am considering it to be just  an audio installation of the spoken #hashtag words. The spoken words come across as quite powerful. I have to study the possibility of voice change over time in relationship to the growing amounts of spoken #hashtag words.


Previous setup:


I am preparing a presentation for tomorrow. I have to give a small talk about my work. All the other participants that are part of the Summer Bair* program will give a presentation as well. Further I watched on a small live feed window on my MacBook the Germans win 🙂

*Banff Artist In Residence