Working title: #Feedme

The project I will be working on during my stay at Banff Bair (artist in residence) is an interactive installation that is being continuously fed by social media, more specific the #hashtags used in twitter messages. The increasing amount of collected #hashtag data will be visualized in a physical interactive expanding construction. In the installation there will be an uncontrollable amount of information that is growing and reflecting on the process of constantly feeding ourselves with information, both consuming and producing. How do you visualise ‘infobesitas’? The art project will explore and poses these questions about the system that we are actively taking part in, visualised by the dynamics in the installation.


the Banff Centre, Canada

Aerial Banff Centre – Banff Lake Louise Tourism/Paul Zizka

the Banff Centre

The Banff Artist in Residence (BAiR) program in Visual Arts provides time and space for individuals and groups to create new works, research innovative ideas, and experiment with different techniques and modes of production.

Participants are provided with an individual studio accessible 24-hours a day. The Banff Centre’s Visual Arts programs focus on professional development, research, and training opportunities in media and visual arts. The programs provide access to world-class facilities in photography, sculpture, printmaking, papermaking, ceramics, textiles, painting, performance, media arts, film, and video, as well as curatorial and critical studies. 



Accepted to the Visual Arts program at the Banff Centre!

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I have applied for the Banff Artist in Residence (BAiR) program in Canada and I got in, HURRAY! During my 3 week stay at BAIR I will be working on an interactive installation. Progress being made before, during and after my stay in BAIR will be posted regularly here on this blog.

A big THANK YOU to Hermen Maat and Nathalie Beekman who both guided me in defining and analyzing the concept and context for this art installation.

Also a big THANK YOU to ​​​​to Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen for providing me a grant ‘Versterk Je Talent’ (strengthen your talents) that will cover most of my costs for the BAIR program.