Open Studio Friday 25th 2014

In short:
Instead of tracking for food related hashtag words in tweets I have been using a track list of words like ‘framework, construct, fabricate, architecture, construction, network, etc.  For me, at this moment, the food-related-hashtag-words didn’t have any relationship with the visual part of the installation. The Installation has become more like a tower. I have been researching images and illustrations of the Marconi tower, Google server farms and the tower of Babel. Back home I will work out the construction.


The video is being speed up 5x to show the rise and fall. In the original installation the tower rises much slower.

03 06 05

2 thoughts on “Open Studio Friday 25th 2014

  1. josienatbanff says:

    Bedankt 🙂 De hashtags/tweets komen soms aardig snel binnen. Om het proces niet al te statisch te laten zijn heb ik iedere keer nadat de steppermotor zijn stappen heeft gemaakt een variable delay ingebouwd.Thuis nog maar even beter uitwerken evenals de constructie.

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