I am preparing a presentation for tomorrow. I have to give a small talk about my work. All the other participants that are part of the Summer Bair* program will give a presentation as well. Further I watched on a small live feed window on my MacBook the Germans win 🙂

*Banff Artist In Residence


Hike: Bow River / Hoodoo Trail

Went for a great 5 hour group hike that starts just outside the Banff Centre.
Bow River / Hoodoo Trail
Starting at the Surprise Corner parking lot on Buffalo street, adjoining the town and just across the river from Bow Falls and the majestic Banff Springs Hotel, this trail is mostly a stroll through a forest on the slope or base of Tunnel Mountain, accented with a few spacious meadows that provide panoramic views of the Rockies.  It offers changing views of majestic Mt. Rundle, the fast flowing Bow River and its valley, and at the end some unusual rock formations known as Hoodoos.   Depending on how far you go, it’s about 9 kms (6 miles) round-trip, and while mostly flat and very easy it has some short moderate ascents, especially as you approach the Hoodoos. The trip takes about 3 – 3.5 hours.

Mt Rundle

Fantastic views of the Bow River

In the distance one can see the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Visible are the top of the Hoodoos (a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom )


Reward at the end of the trip 🙂


The Library of Babel

I am rereading The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges.


Nowadays people are connecting to the Internet and are given the ability to produce as well as consume the information on it. ‘Library of Babel’, by Jorge Luis Borges, is a story in which he describes an infinite library containing all possible books.‘Library of Babel’ seems eerily predictive of todays internet, which we can think of as a sort of digital ‘total library’ containing a growing amount of valuable information as well as junk. Will we as users experience difficulties to deal with this thriving growth? Will we loose our personal voice, our story in this vortex of information?


left picture: Erik Desmazieres illustration of The Library of Babel
right picture: Google Data Center Server Space



Black Bears & Grizzly Bears

I havent seen a black bear or grizzly bear yet, but one of the artist here has. Just 5 minutes away from the Banff Centre. She wanted to do a small hike down to the Bow river at the ‘ Surprise Corner Viewpoint’. When she spotted the black bear she wnet back and did not finish the hike. You can run into a bear anywhere here. They hand out leaflets with instructions about what to do when you encounter a bear and they recommend carrying bear spray with you at all times.

I have seen Elks, there is one here at the Banff Centre eating flowers and kind of hiding in the bushes and I have seen one crossing the road when I went to town to get some groceries.